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Terms Of Service 

By Admin


This services, by its own rules, are able to change or fix the Services and Conditions without any notifications. Every new and or revitional services and conditional replaces previous services and conditions. By keep on using the services after the last amandement means that you are agree with the lastest revitions or new services and conditions. You are also agree to notice yourself from the update in Services and conditions by scheduled checks from this site.


This services is a like exchange. This means that you will get social likes but you will like other people's posts as well. We have Auto Follow Services as well.


You are agree that after buying credits, you are clearly understand and agree by what you have bought and will not make any fraud dispute. After the attempt to make a dispute, We give a right, if necessary, to reset all credits, delete your account and / or do a permanent ban to your IP adresses.


By using this service, you confirmed that you are minimumly 13 years old aged, and are able to use the services and conditions and obey them.


Without written agreement from this services's representation, you are not allowed to copy or use the text, pictures, or any programs that used by the services in this site.


You are agree that you use this services by your own risk. This services may not be asked for its responsibility or responsible at every or any damages on your business caused by this service. This services doesnt guarantee website uptime since using internet to give its services.

Changes in terms

This services and conditions may be changed anytime. Change notifications will be considered given and will be applied according to the date posted in the website. Changes done will be effective by the date they are posted. There will be no further notifications by this rule as long as keep using the site.